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Movie Name: Vishwaroopam 2 Hindi

Certificate: [ UA ], Hindi

Duration: 141 Mins

Cast: Kamal Haasan, Rahul Bose, , Pooja Kumar, Andrea Jeremiah

Music: Ghibran

Director: Kamal Haasan

Producer: Kamal Hassan, Chandrahasan, V. Ravichandran

Release Date: 10-8-2018

Movie Review & Ratings:

Vishwaroop 2 Review

Vishwaroop 2 Review

Vishwaroop 2 Rating - 2.5/5

Cast and Crew

Vishwaroop 2 Casts Kamal Haasan in lead roles. Other cast includes Rahul Bose, Pooja Kumar, Andrea Jeremiah and Shekhar Kapur

Vishwaroop 2 is written, directed and produced by Kamal Hassan. Music composed by Ghibran and cinematography handled by Sanu Varghese and edited by Mahesh Narayan and Vijay Shankar


Vishwaroop 2 is a sequel of super hit film Vishwaroop released in 2013. Omar (Rahul Bose) is an Afghanistan Terrorist, where Wizam Ahmed Kashmiri(Kamal Hassan) joins in his team and helps to US Army from the terrorist group is shown in Viswaroop first series. The first part of the story is to collapse the Omar group and blocking the bomb attack in New York. In Viswaroop 2 Kamal Hassan turns as a Raw agent goes to the UK on another task along with his wife Nirupama(Pooja Kumar) and fellow soldier Ashmitha(Andrea). With the help of Nirupama, they finish a task in the UK and they return to India, on the other hand, Omar comes to India in search of Wasim to kill. And also he plans big bomb blast. How wasim defeats Omar forms the rest of the crux?

Vishwaroop 2 Review

Viswaroop 2 is bit confusing, in a spy thriller films action scenes are given more importance but in this those are given least priority. Most of the film was lagged by dialogues, unnecessary scenes which test the audience patience. When comes to the first half there are some attacks and thrilling action sequences but there is no single impressive scene in the second half. slow narration and no strong conflict in the storyline are the negative backdrops to the movie. What all needed to a good spy thriller is all there in Viswaroop 2. A veteran actor Kamal Hassan and two eye candy woman beside him and supporting army but if fails unconventionally. Kamal Hassan performance is outstanding mainly an emotional scene between him and the mother needs a special mention. Rahul Bose, Pooja Kumar, Andrea Jeremiah and Shekhar Kapur all done their jobs well

Kamal Hassan proved his talent as a hero but as a director, he fails in this attempt. Production values are good. Ghibran music is disappointing, songs and background music is not at all impressive. Sanu Varghese cinematography work is good, editing work is needed to cut unnecessary scenes. production values are well maintained.

Positive Points

  • Kamal Hassan
  • Action scenes

Negative Points

  • No strong conflict
  • Lagging pace
  • Story, screenplay
  • Music

Vishwaroop 2 Verdict

Vishwaroop 2 - Kamal Hassan Fans only Love it

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