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Movie Name: Vijetha

Certificate: [ UA ], Telugu

Duration: 125 Mins

Cast: Kalyaan Dhev, Malavika Nair

Music: Harshavardhan Rameshwar

Director: Rakesh Shashii

Producer: Sai Korrapati

Release Date: 12-07-2018

Movie Review & Ratings:

Vijetha Review

Vijetha Review

Vijetha Rating - 2.5/5

Cast and Crew

Vijetha Casts Kalyaan Dhev and Malavika Nair in lead roles. Murali Sharma in supporting role

Vijetha is directed by Rakesh Shashii under Varahi banner. It is produced by Sai Korrapati and music composed by Harshavardhan Rameshwar.


It is a story about a middle-class father Srinivasa Rao(Murali Sharma) who sacrifices his one-time ambition for his son Ram(Kalyaan Dhev). He leaves his favorite photography for the sake of his wife and children and goes to a job in a factory and gives good education to children. Ram an aimless boy completes engineering does trail for the job but he fails. He starts 'Surprise Event' business with his friends but it also gets flop. Srinivasa Rao falls ill while worrying about his son, who is not responsible for life and family. What was Ram's doing for his father at this time?

Vijetha Review

First Half is all about Ram making fun with his friends and trying to impress his neighbor Jaitra(Malavika Nair). Becuase of Ram his father gets a heart attack, in the second half his father friend (Thanikala Bharani) tells about Srinivas Rao past and makes Ram to realize what his father lost for the family. In the end, Ram makes his father win while fulfilling his father dreams and stands as Vijetha. The second half story goes in a predictable way this makes the audience a little bit boring, But the director screenplay the climax scene in an impressive way.

Murali Sharma essayed the role of father, how father takes all the responsibilities on shoulders in real life, same as in Vijetha Murali Sharma has carried the film on his shoulders. As a middle-class family owner, his role is marvelous, to say this is the best role in his carrier. Kalyaan Dhev Debutante to film industry is not appealing to grow up in his carrier he has to learn more. Malavika Nair role doesn't have importance still she is good in limited space. Kiriti, Mahesh Vitta, Noel, Bhadran, Sathyam Rajesh provided comic relief.

Father-Son Sentiment films many have come so far as like those all Director Rakesh have chosen same formula, routine story. But emotion scenes are delivered well. The scenes between the father and son, elevated movie. Though the film is short and the story is familiar and the audience is guessing what's going to happen next is a big minus. Production values by Sai Korrapati are lavish. The cinematography is good each and every frame in the film is well captured. Harshavardhan Rameshwar music added beauty to film, and BGM also attractive. Editing work is good.

Positive Points

  • Muarli Sharma
  • Music
  • Cinematography

Negative Points

  • Routine story
  • Screenplay

Vijetha Verdict

Vijetha - Routine, Predictable story

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