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Movie Name: Trataka

Certificate: [ A ], Kannada

Duration: 127 Mins

Cast: Rahul Ainapur, Hridaya Avanti, Ajith Jayaraj, Bhavani Prakash

Music: Arun Suradhaa

Director: Shivaganesh

Producer: Rahul Ainapur

Release Date: 31-8-2018

Movie Review & Ratings:

Trataka Review

Trataka Review

Trataka Rating - 2.5/5

Cast and Crew

Trataka Casts Rahul Ainapur, Hridaya Avanti, Ajith Jayaraj in lead roles. Other cast includes Bhavani Prakash

Trataka is directed by Shivaganesh under Aasthaa Cinemas banner. It is produced by Rahul Ainapur, Music composed by Arun Suradhaa, cinematography by Vipind V Raj, Srikanth ILA and Editing is done by Suresh Arumugam


ACP Jaidev (Rahul Ainapur) is a smart and intelligent cop but suffers from Complex Partial Seizure and blacks out at regular intervals. Jaidev's brother is murdered, injured Jaidev finds out the mystery behind the murder. He has two friends, a girlfriend Dr. Pavitra (Hridaya Avanti), who helps him in solving the murder mystery and friend Ajith(Ajith Jayaraj) convinces him that Jaidev itself murdered his brother. Jaidev believing his friend words goes upset and decides to end up his life. But Parvitra Psycorist teaches him Trataka - technique - a spiritual practice while treating his complex seizure and reveals to him that he has not killed his brother in this case, Who killed his brother? Why his friend convince Jaidev as a murderer? Will He find out the mystery form the rest of crux.

Trataka Review

There is too much brutality in the film that is why the film has censored with A certificate. A slow pace in the film kills murder mystery here the film has gone wrong. Thrillers are supposed to create anxiety in each and every scene and keep the audience at the edge of their seats bu Tratala with slow pace kills curiosity. BGM music and visuals added strength to the movie. Most of the movie runs in the dark background, cinematographer has to be credited for the excellent camera work.

Rahul essayed the role of a cop with an ease, his looks and manners go well. He carried out the film on his shoulders. Ajith plays a cop and psyco role is promising. Bhavani Prakash and Hridaya are in limited roles. Hridaya role is to support Jaidev after that she disappears and limited to songs itself. Director Shivaganesh have attempted appreciable job, urgent editing is needed to increase enagaging

Positive Points

  • Rahul & Ajith role
  • Cinematography

Negative Points

  • Editing
  • Slow Narration

Trataka Verdict

Tedious watch

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