Srinivasa Kalyanam 2018 Movie Review, Ratings | Nithin | Raashi Khanna | Vegesna Satish

Movie Name: Srinivasa Kalyanam

Certificate: [ U ], Telugu

Duration: 140 Mins

Cast: Nithin, Raashi Khanna

Music: Mickey J. Meyer

Director: Vegesna Satish

Producer: Dil Raju

Release Date: 9-8-2018

Movie Review & Ratings:

Srinivasa Kalyanam Review

Srinivasa Kalyanam Review

Srinivasa Kalyanam Rating - 3/5

Cast and Crew

Srinivasa Kalyanam Casts Nithin and Raashi Khanna in lead role. Prakash Raj, Nandita Shwetha, Sithara, Jayasudha, Aamani, Annapoorna, Poonam Kaur, Naresh, Praveen, Satyam Rajesh are the supporting cast

Srinivasa Kalyanam is directed by Vegesna Satish under Sri Venkateswara Creations banner. Produced by Dil Raju and music composed by Mickey J Meyer, Cinematography handled by Sameer Reddy, editing done by Madhu


Srinivas(Nithin) is a well-educated man works in another state, strongly believes in relations, traditions and admire joint families. RK(Prakash Raj) is a big businessman measure every minute with money and moreover, he doesn't give importance to traditions. Vaasu loves RK's daughter Sree(Raashi Khanna), both of them love one another. Srinivas is very fond of traditional weddings and like his grandma(Jayasudha) he also wants his wedding to be like a celebration. While RK gives more importance to business than traditions. Did this kind of person give value to his daughter love and sent his daughter to a traditional family? What conditions did he keep for marriage?

Srinivasa Kalyanam Review

The first half of Srinivasa Kalayanam goes on a smooth pace, majorly depends on the love track between the lead pair and some entertaining scenes, before pre-interval a twist arises. In the second half, the whole story shifts to the village mainly focused on wedding scenes and added emotions too where a family audience will like to have a movie. The emotional drama in the climax scene is a big highlight in the movie. The dialogues are very well written those are an appeal to a certain set of audience. Nithin looks like an innocent and cute boy performed with an ease in Srinivas character. Raashi Khanna's role has importance but she is not used well anyhow as a bride she looks gorgeous. Prakash Raj is good in his role as usual, a major plus to this movie is huge star cast Jaya Sudha, Aamani, Rajendra Prasad, Naresh but they are only limited to supporting characters.

Director Satish has chosen a good storyline but conflict point is not strong he mainly wants to describe values, traditions, customs and weddings in Hindu religions. He tried to convey Wedding is not just an event it is an auspicious memory in everyone life. Mickey J Meyer tunes remember us old songs, the film runs in village background each and every picture is showcased well. And every picture looks rich which adds a good feel to the film. Production values are lavish

Positive Points

  • Family enetertainment
  • Nithin & Raashi Khanna
  • Huge star cast
  • Wedding song
  • Production values

Negative Points

  • No strong conflict
  • Lack of youth elements
  • Predcitable scenes

Srinivasa Kalyanam Verdict

Good Family Entertainer - Watch in Theatres with family

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