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Movie Name: Savarakathi

Certificate: [ U/A ], Tamil

Duration: Not Updated

Cast: Ram, Mysskin and Poorna

Music: Arrol Coelli

Director: GR Aditya

Producer: Mysskin

Release Date: 9-2-2018

Movie Review & Ratings:

Savarakathi Review

Savarakathi Rating - 3/5

Cast and Crew

Savarakathi starrs Mysskin,Ram and Poorna in lead roles and Shaji Chan in a Mad Man role.

Savarakathi is written by Mysskin and directed by GR Aditya under Lonewolf Productions banner by Mysskin . Karthik Venkataraman is the cinematographer while Arrol Corelli composed music for the film.


Manga is a ruthless don who is on the last day of his parole which ends by the evening meanwhile Manga decides to spend it with his gang joyfully. Ram is a barber with a tricky behavior and terrible liar, why Ram makes Manga mad and gets into trouble along with Subadhra and how they escape from Manga forms major crux of story.

Savarakathi Review

Mysskin keeps his stories dark and humoristic while peeling off genre by genre which he did the same with Savarakathi in which 3 major characters with their subliminal behaviors keeps the audience in seats. Ram played Pichai with ease one can say he might have a past as a barber when we see him on screen. Poorna delivered extremely believable performance as a troubled pregnant woman and Mysskin as Manga is terrific and funny at the same time.

Director GR Aditya must have walked in the script of Mysskin and blended the movie with enough fun and thriller elements which made Savarakathi a satisfying dark comedy. With a crisp run time of 114 minutes and fast-paced screenplay with most of the slow-motion shots made the plot intriguing and funny. Arrol Corelli's background score and songs help in carrying the mood of the film till the end. Karthik's cinematography deserves praise.


  • Story and Direction
  • Music
  • Cinematography


  • Few unconventional scenes

Savarakathi Verdict

A decent dark comedy.

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