SPYder Movie Review & Ratings | Mahesh Babu, Murugadoss, Rakul, SJ Surya

Movie Name: SPYder

Certificate: [ U/A ], Telugu

Duration: 145 Mins

Cast: Mahesh Babu, Rakul Preet Singh

Music: Harris Jayaraj

Director: AR Murugadoss

Producer: N.V Prasad

Release Date: 27-9-2017

Movie Review & Ratings:

SPYder Movie Review

Movie Plot

SPYder is the war between an Intelligence Officer and a Psycho Killer.

Shiva (Mahesh Babu) Works in Intelligence Bureau. He creates a new program which alerts when anyone cries or shouts help. One day a girl fears that there is a Devil in her House and immediately Shiva sends a Lady Constable to her house but unexpectedly the both women were killed. While enquiring this case Shiva finds about Bhairava (SJ Surya). But who is Bhairava and why he is Killing the People is the remaining story.

Cast & Crew

SPYder movie starring Mahesh Babu, Rakul Preet Singh, SJ Surya in the lead roles and the other artists Bharath and others were done the supporting characters.

SPYder is directed by AR Murugadoss, music composed by Harris Jayaraj, Cinematography by Santosh Shivan and produced by NV Prasad & Tagore Madhu.

SPYder Review

Spyder concept is based on a line "The true humanity is to help those who are not familiar with us", but this line is not fixed exactly to the movie. AR Murugadoss mark will be seen in some parts and scenes but overall it disappoints while comparing with other Murugadoss films.

The first half of the movie goes slowly and it starts engaging when the 2 women were killed and it keeps the pace with more thrilling. The interval scene was excellent with the introduction of SJ Surya. The second half is very important and Murugadoss made it more engaging scenes with high Technical values.

Mahesh Babu made his character with ease and lot of intensity and his character was very stylish. Rakul looks beautiful but doesn't have much importance and screen presence. SJ Surya is a major attraction, his acting was extraordinary, he was deeply involved in the character.

SPYder movie review

AR Murugadoss should be more clear in his story and screenplay, Music and Cinematography was very good, the production values are too high and can be seen on every screen.


  • Mahesh Babu, SJ Surya
  • Second Half
  • Technical Values


  • Laggind in some parts
  • Floundered Screenpaly

SPYder movie review

SPYder Verdict

SPYder - Interesting... But missing AR Murugadoss Mark Screenplay.

Ask4Tick Rating - 3/5

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