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Movie Name: Raa Raa

Certificate: [ U/A ], Telugu

Duration: 143 Mins

Cast: Srikanth, Naziya, Ali, Chammak Chandra and Venu

Music: RapRock Shakeel

Director: Shankar

Producer: Vijey

Release Date: 23-2-2018

Movie Review & Ratings:

Raa Raa Review

Raa Raa Rating - 2/5

Cast & Crew

Raa Raa stars Srikanth and Naziya in the lead roles. Other cast includes Shakalaka Shankar, Raghu, Ali, Raghu Babu and Venu etc.

Raa Raa is presented by producer Vijey. Debutante Shakeel has composed music for the film. Another debutante handled Camera.


Raj Kiran is a film director who movies are complete disasters. He needs one succesful movie to save his sick mother and for that he gets a producer to make a horror comedy film. Raj and his team chooses a haunted guest house for shooting where they experience paranormal effects. How do they complete the movie and escapes the house ? is the major plot.

Raa Raa Review

Srikanth is one of the fine senior actors of Tollywood. He has been making many disaster movies for a while as an actor, which he performed the same as a director in this horror comedy. Srikanth alone carried most of the film on his shoulders with his performance. There are many comedy actors in the film whose comedy doesn't work out well except for Shakalaka Shankar. Naziya is a newcomer who appeared as ghost in the film.

This film's director left the project in the halfway for some creative differences with the makers that's why most of the films seem so clumsy and confusing. Horror comedies are quite common nowadays and most of them are failing to succeed sadly Raa Raa too didn't sound good except for Srikanth's performance. Music is not so engaging and cuts are routine. Cinematography is good in some parts.


  • Srikanth and Shankar's Performance
  • Cinematography


  • Routine Story
  • Unnecessary comedy scenes
  • Predictable screenplay

Raa Raa Verdict

Raa Raa is another boring horror comedy.

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