Sanchari Vijay Padarasa Kannada Movie Review, Ratings, Cast, Crew

Movie Name: Padarasa

Certificate: [ Not Updated ], Kannada

Duration: Not Updated

Cast: Sanchari Vijay, Vaishnavi and Manaswini

Music: AT Ravish

Director: Hrishikesh Jambari

Producer: Art and Soul Media Service

Release Date: 10-8-2018

Movie Review & Ratings:

Padarasa Review

Padarasa Review

Padarasa Rating - 3/5

Cast and Crew

Padarasa Casts Sanchari Vijay in lead role. Vaishnavi and Manaswini are the two female leads. Niranjan Deshpande, Jagadish and Vijay Chendurin are in pivotal roles. It is directed by Hrishikesh Jambari under Art and Soul Media Service banner .


Padarasa revolves around two friends, who live their life luxuriously. These two friends cheat a lot of people to earns money and spent all the money on cigarettes, alcohol and other luxury things. All this goes well till the person who was cheated by them takes revenge, revealing the truth and behavior of two people.Padarasa(sanchari Vijay) true colors are brought in to scene by his dearest friend Papeesha(Niranjan Deshpande)

Padarasa Review

Padarasa tells is all about what happens to the young man who is behind the girls and money, for all his mistakes how fate decides him back. We have seen Sanchari Vijay in many different roles, but in Pandaria, we are going to see him a new face. Padarasa is a mixture of all elements, comedy, sorrow, innocence. The first half is full of comedy and the second half is straightly take you into serious mode. Vaishnavi and Manaswini are well in their roles. Niranjan Deshpande performed well in his role.If songs are attractive the film would have been better.

Positive Points

  • Comedy
  • Sanchari Vijay

Negative Points

  • Songs
  • No strong Conflict

Padarsa Verdict

Good Family Entertainer - One time watch

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