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Movie Name: Nota

Certificate: [ Not Updated ], Telugu

Duration: Not Updated

Cast: Vijay Devaakonda, Mehreen Pirzada

Music: Sam C.S.

Director: Anand Shankar

Producer: K.E. Gnanavel Raja

Release Date: 5-10-2018

Movie Review & Ratings:

Nota Review

Nota Review

Nota Rating - 2.75/5

Cast and Crew

Nota Casts Vijay Devarakonda , Mehreen Pirzada in lead roles. Other cast includes Nasser, sathyaraj, Yashika Aannand

Nota is directed by Anand Shankar under Studio Green banner. It is produced by K. E. Gnanavel Raja, Music composed by Sam C. S., cinematography handled by Santhana Krishnan Ravichandran, editing is done by Raymond Derrick Crasta


Vasudev(Nassar) is a Chief Minister, his son Varun(Vijay Devarakonda) is a young boy who enjoys his life. His father makes him as CM temporarily. Varun who doesn't knows politics faces challenges continuously. After some days Varun has to continue in the seat of CM for the long term. How he takes the responsibility, what kind of challenges does he faces in the period? why he will become CM? To know all these answers one has to watch a movie.

Nota Review

The story with a political background is very interesting with dramatic developments which easily connects to the audience. Things happen around us only reflects on screen. Nota is also something like that. The story and the screenplay have continued to reflect current politics. Though the story has good scenes it is not elevated VijayDevarakonda Heroism. The first half is better compared to the second half. When Vijay Devarakonda takes challenges after becoming C.M then the plot turns interestingly. The decisions taken by the Chief Minister to control riots, and during floods scenes are effective. The film features Tamilnadu political scenarios rather than Telugu politics.

Vijay Devarakonda is the biggest asset to film, to accept this kind of political thriller is a big adventure. Vijay performs with an ease in each and every scene which looks realistic in CM role. Until the first half, Vijay attracts with his mark and mannerisms. Mehreen role doesn't have much importance. Sathyaraj is crucial to the film. He leads the story along with the young chief minister. Nassar plays a key role in the film. The cinematography is good, Sam C.S music is average, Production values are up to the cinema level.

Positive Points

  • Vijay Devarakonda
  • First half

Negative Points

  • Story
  • Songs

Nota Verdict

Nota - Routine Political Thriller


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