Natasaarvabhouma Movie Review, Ratings, Cast, Crew

Movie Name: Natasaarvabhouma

Certificate: [ UA ], Kannada

Duration: 157 Mins

Cast: Puneethrajkumar, Anupama Parameswaran, Rachita Ram

Music: D. Imman

Director: Pavan Wadeyar

Producer: Rockline Venkatesh

Release Date: 7-2-2019

Movie Review & Ratings:

Natasaarvabhowma Review

Natasaarvabhowma review

Natasaarvabhowma Rating - 3.5/5

Cast and Crew

Natasaarvabhowma Casts Puneeth Rakumar, Anupama Parameswaran , Rachita Ram B. Saroja Devi, Chikkanna , P. Ravi Shankar in lead roles.

Natasaarvabhowma is directed by Pavan Wadeyar under Rockline Entertainments banner. Film produced by Rockline Venkatesh, Music composed by D. Imman, Cinematography handled by Vaidy S, Editing is done by Mahesh


A journalist(Puneeth Rajkumar) Gagan Dixit who has come from Kolkata to Bengaluru, is looking for someone. The Union minister Ghanashyam Yadav(P.Ravi Shankar) was targeted at the one who once went to work, and then the Union Minister acquired friendship at home. The spirit in the house where Dixit is rented in Bangalore begins to possess on him. Whenever possessed, he ends up beating up characters who are obviously the Villains. Why is this happening? Who is that spirit? What is the background of Union Minister?

Natasaarvabhowma Review

Appu has carried the whole film on his shoulders, the extraordinary dancing skills and performance is wonderful. From costumes to mannerisms everything related to Puneeth worked out well. Chikkana comedy scenes with Appu evoke laughter at regular intervals. Rachita Ram and Anupama Parameswaran are underutilized.

Natasarvabhouma is a perfect entertainer for all kinds of audience. Puneeth mesmerizing moves in the film is a real treat to Appu fans. Director Pavan Wadeyar interesting story, clever screenplay, and Narrative style made the film too woo all the audience and emerges successful in his attempt. D Imman Background score is top notch, Chethan Kumar dialogues need special mention, Vaidy Cinematography is attractive each and every frame looks good. Director Pavan Wadeyar built a successful revenge drama with unexpected twists

Positive Points

  • Puneeth Rajkumar Dancing
  • Music
  • Cinematography
  • Comedy

Negative Points

  • Stretched story
  • Female leads are not utilised

Natasaarvabhowma Verdict

Good Commercial Potboiler

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