Mass Leader Movie Review & Ratings - A Patriotic Army Officer's Story

Movie Name: Mass Leader

Certificate: [ U/A ], Kannada

Duration: Not Updated

Cast: Shiva Rajkumar, Gururaj Jaggesh, Vijay Raghavendra, Pranitha Subhash, Yogesh Sharmiela Mandre, Vamsi Krishna

Music: Veer Samarth

Director: Narasimha

Producer: Tarun Shivappa, Hardik Gowda

Release Date: 11-8-2017

Movie Review & Ratings:

Mass Leader Movie Review

Mass Leader Movie Plot

Mass Leader is the story of a Patriotic Army OfficerShivaraj (Shivarajkumar). Shivaraj is an Army officer and is very busy in hunting the terrorists who are planning to make India destroy. He fights and Kills the terrorists with the help of his 2 Commanders Guru (Guru Jaggesh) and Viji (Vijay Raghavendra). Thei fight doesn't stops in Kashmir, it stats from there to Karnata where the local politicians helping the terrorists for their vote bank politics. How Shivaraj made destroying this is the tale of the story.

Mass Leader Cast & Crew

Mass Leader has Shivarajkumar, Pranitha Subhash in the main lead roles. Vijay Raghavendra, Guru Jaggesh, Yogesh, Vamsi Krishna, Sharmeila Mandre and others has done the other important roles.

Mass Leader is directed by Narasimha, music composed by Veer Samarth, Cinematography by Guru Prashanth Rai and produced by Tarun Shivapa & Hardik Gowda.

Mass Leader Review

Mass Leader is a larger than life movie where Shivarajkumar will be seen as a STAR & HERO. He chases and hunts the terrorists like a star hero does. This is a full action entertainer from the director Narasimha. He written the script so well.. which suits Shivaraj Kumar.

The whole movie runs around the hunting of terrorists and showcasing the politicians who are helping the terrorists for their vote bank politics.

Mass Leader movie review

Shivaraj Kumar is very well done as his fans expected. Pranitha Subhash a lead female doesn't have much scope to showcase her in the little space. Guru Jaggesh, Vijay Raghavendra are good in their characters and the others done upto their limits.

Director Narasimha is good to show a larger than life story with a star hero like Shivarajkumar. Music by Veer Samarth and Cinematography by Guru Prashant Rai added much lavisher for the Mass Leader.

Mass Leader Positives

  • Shivarajkumar
  • Story
  • Action
  • Cinematography

Mass Leader Negatives

  • Larger Than Life

Mass Leader movie review

Mass Leader Verdict

Mass Leader is a Patriotic Army Officer Movie with Larger Than Life Script.

Ask4Tick Rating - 2.5/5

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