Life Jothe Ondh Selfie Kannada Movie Review | Hari Priya | Prajwal Devaraj | Prem Kumar

Movie Name: Life Jothe Ondh Selfie

Certificate: [ Not Updated ], Kannada

Duration: Not Updated

Cast: Prem Kumar, Prajwal Devaraj, Haripriya

Music: V. Harikrishna

Director: Dinakar Thoogudeepa

Producer: Samruddhi Manjunath

Release Date: 24-8-2018

Movie Review & Ratings:

Life Jothe Ondh Selfie Review

Life Jothe Ondh Selfie Review

Life Jothe Ondh Selfie Rating - 3.5/5

Cast and Crew

Life Jothe Ondh Selfie Casts Prem Kumar, Prajwal Devaraj and Hari Priya in lead roles. Sudharani also plays a crucial role.

Life Jothe Ondh Selfie directed by Dinakar Thoogudeepa under Viraat Sai Creations banner. It is bankrolled by Samruddhi Manjunath, Music has been composed by V. Harikrishna. Cinematography handled by A. R. Niranjan Babu and editing work has been done by K. M. Prakash.


Film revolves around four people Nakul(Prem), Rashmi(Hari Priya), Varun(Prajwal Devaraj) and Sudharani. Rashmi is engaged to her childhood friend Dhananjay(cameo role). She starts feeling that he giving more importance to her mother and she upset over this and heads to Goa. Prem who has a passion of filmmaking but due to his parents pressure he takes up engineering. He is unhappy, wants to pursue his dreams head to Goa for a break. Varun comes from a wealthy family love his mother Sudharani. On the day of his engagement, his fiance mistaken him as a cook. Broken heart Varun heads over Goa. All these strangers meet in Goa. How their journey started and where it ends from the crux..

Life Jothe Ondh Selfie Review

Three people lost on an island and they are strangers, they decide to open up. As they start talking, they realize how similar their problems are. Director has tried to convey that Goa is not just for party and fun, but to find friendship and rediscover our originality. The film is executed very realistically. There are no Love scenes and unwanted action scenes. The movie also emphasizes the bond that people share with their mothers and how friends support all on the way.

Four people have extremely performed well, especially Prajwal and Sudhrani stands out. Dhananjaya cameo role is interesting. Sadhu Kokila’s doesn't create impact. Director Dinakar Toogudeepa executed different genre film apart from love and action films. He has done absolute justice to the characters and the storyline penned by his wife Manasa. Goa location is captured well, Camera work by A. R Niranjan is good. Music would have been better. The movie never feel boring throughout the pace.

Positive Points

  • Lead role
  • Script
  • Cinematography

Negative Points

  • Music
  • Comedy

Life Jothe Ondh Selfie Verdict

Decent watch - Different genre film

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