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Movie Name: Huccha 2

Certificate: [ A ], Kannada

Duration: 126 Mins

Cast: Darling Krishna, Malavika Avinash, Sai Kumar Pudipeddi, Shravya, Sadhu Kokila, Om Prakash Rao, Srinivas Murthy

Music: Anoop seelin

Director: Om Prakash Rao

Producer: A.M. Umesh Reddy

Release Date: 6-4-2018

Movie Review & Ratings:

Huccha 2 Review

Huccha 2 Rating - 3/5

Cast and Crew

Huccha 2 starrs Darling Krishna and Shravya in lead roles. Malavika Avinash and Saikumar plays another important roles.

Huccha 2 is not a sequel of Kiccha sudeep's Huccha it is an official remake of Tamil movie Raam. Huccha 2 is directed by Om Prakash Rao and produced by A M Umesh Reddy. Anoop Seelin composed music for this movie.


'Darling Krishna' Raam being arrested by police on the charges of mudering his mother 'Malavika Avinash'. Saikumar deals the case and finds out the mystery. Did Raam kills his loving Mother? It is a story about.....

Huccha 2 Review

Mother Malavika and Darling Krishna both has shown Mother-son sentiment with their unique bond of love. Especially Krishna his irrataional anger and possesivity flares up and goes to dangeours levels is absolute play. Malavika role as a mother is appreciable. Shravya as a lover to Raam deserves the role.

Om Prakash perfectly scripted mother-son sentiment drama on screen it is quite like original but still it would have been extended little more while writing the script. Film mostly consists of sentiment and emotions. While action scenes are violent bloodshed. Comic track and few songs obstruct the story. Although director tried to mantain susupense till the end but original story was already known so there is no unique point to appreciate.

Positive Points

  • Direction
  • Sentiment

Negative Points

  • songs
  • comedy
  • Original
  • action scenes

Huccha 2 Verdict

Huccha 2 is an emotional melodrama definitely wins the hearts of Audience

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