Dalapathi Kannada Movie review, ratings, plot, cast, crew | Prem Kumar, Kirti Kharbanda

Movie Name: Dalapathi

Certificate: [ U/A ], Kannada

Duration: 154 Mins

Cast: Prem Kumar, Kriti Kharbanda

Music: Charan Raj

Director: Prashant Raj

Producer: Naveen Raj

Release Date: 13-4-2018

Movie Review & Ratings:

Dalapathi Review

Dalapathi Rating - 3/5

Cast and Crew

Dalapathi stars Prem kumar and Kriti kharbanda in lead roles. Sharath Lohithaswa, Padmaja Rao, Srinivas, Chikkanna, Sanketh Kashi are in supporting roles.

Dalapathi is directed by Prashant Raj under Prashant Raj film productions banner. It is produced by Naveen and Feroz Khan, Background score handled by Chinna Badisa and tunes composed by Charan Raj. Cinematography handled by Santhosh Rai Pathaje, edited by V Ravichandran.


Dalapathi is a love story between Vaidehi(Kriti Kharbanda) and Raam(Prem Kumar). Raam tries to gain Vaidehi's love, later she falls in love with Raam. But she finds to know she has been trapped by Raam on the please of his Boss Adipathi(Sharath Lohithaswa) and involved in many criminal cases. why Raam acts upon the instructions of Adipathi? What is the relation between Raam and Adipathi? Does Raam change for her girl Vaidehi?

Dalapthi Review

As we all know Prem Kumar acted in several love films but it is different from other films it takes him to another level. Prem shines as an action hero with his mass performance. Prem and Kirti Kharabanda pair on screens is lovely. Kirti Kharabanda steals the heart with her charming presence and lively acting effortlessly. Sharath Lohithaswa as a strong villain unconvincing in his role. Chikkana's comedy is good. Other supporting cast did justice to their roles.

Director Prashant Raj manages to frame cute love story on screen with the beautiful pair. He tried to bring up suspense and twists with his own style on the frame but failed to attempt with excessive commercial elements. Unwanted comic scenes and few songs make narration falls back. Charan Raj music added value to the flick. Beautiful locations captured by the Cinematographer Santhosh Rai required for the romantic film is outstanding.

Positive Points

  • Cinematography
  • songs
  • twists

Negative Points

  • unwanted comic scenes
  • long duartion
  • Routine commercial elements

Dalapathi Verdict

Dalapathi is a cute love story mixed with mass elements

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