Chunkzz Malayalam Movie Review & Ratings

Movie Name: Chunkzz

Certificate: [ U ], Malayalam

Duration: 121 Mins

Cast: Balu Varghese, Dharmajan Bolgatty, Ganapathi, Siddique, Lal, Honey Rose Marina Michael

Music: Gopi Sunder

Director: Omar Lulu

Producer: Vaishak Rajan

Release Date: 4-8-2017

Movie Review & Ratings:

Chunkzz Movie Review

Chunkzz Movie Plot

Chunkzz (Sharan) is the story about Four Engineering Students in a local college. The students are Romario (Balu Varghese), Atmaram (Dharmajan), Riyas (Ganapathi), Yudas (Vishakh Nair). These guys are enjoying their mechanical engineering life in their college without girls. But Romario's childhood friend Riya (Honey Rose) also joined in Mechanical Engineering in their college in the 4th year and then enters Sherin (Mareena) to the same.

Chunkzz Cast & Crew

Chunkzz cast has Balu Varghese, Dharmajan, Ganapathi and Vishakh Nair, Honey Rose, Mareena in the main lead roles. S.Poduwal, Harish Kanaran, Lal, Siddique does the other important roles in the movie.

Chunkzz is directed by Omar Lulu, music composed by Gopi Sunder, Cinematography by Alby and produced by Vaishak Rajan.

Chunkzz Review

Chunkzz mainly runs on the humor and some adulterated comedy with missing its screenplay and solid story plot. The screenplay is out of shape it can be made even better. But the director Omar Lulu who made his debut with 'Happy Wedding' mainly focused on the comedy and humor part.

Chunkzz is a good comedy entertainer for this generation people with some adult comedy and unmatured screenplay lags the engagement.

Chunkzz movie review

The lead actors have only path to show their performance is Comedy because of its screenplay and Balu Varghese shouldered the major portion. Honey Rose and Mareena looked beautiful and modern according to their characters. Lal, Siddique, and others have done the decent role.

Direction is good but the story plot and screenplay must be more focused. Alby and Gopi Sunder done a decent part with Camera and Music for Chunkzz. Production Values are good.

Chunkzz Positives

  • Comedy
  • Honey Rose, Mareena Appearances

Chunkzz Negatives

  • Story
  • Screenplay

Chunkzz movie review

Chunkzz Verdict

Chunkzz is a full-to comedy entertainer with some good humor and gags for this modern generation people!

Ask4Tick Rating - 2/5

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