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Movie Name: Asuravadham

Certificate: [ UA ], Tamil

Duration: Not Updated

Cast: M. Sasikumar, Nandita Swetha

Music: Govind Menon

Director: Maruthupandian

Producer: Leela Lalitkumar

Release Date: 29-6-2018

Movie Review & Ratings:

Asuravadham Review

Asuravadham Review

Asuravadham Rating - 3/5

Cast and Crew

Asuravadham casts M. Sasikumar and Nandita Swetha in lead roles. Vasumitra is seen in other crucial role.

Asuravadham is directed Maruthupandian under Seven Screen Studios banner. It is produced by Leela Lalitkumar and Music has been composed by Govind Menon, cinematography handled by S. R. Kathir and Editing work done by R.Govindaraj


The Movie starts with a phone call, We see Samayan(Vasumitra) trying to convince his father-in-law that he doesn't cheat his wife. He ends the call and moves away. Again phone rings, he goes to pick up, call ends. He sees it is an unknown number and ignores it. Again Phone rings and rings so many times but the call ends before he attends. It happens many times, He itself do call back but there is no answer from another side. At last one voice comes from other side threating that he will be fear for his life in next few days and after one week he will not be alive. Who was that stranger? Why is he trying to threaten Samayan? What is the relationship between them? Did Samayan able to find out that stranger? To know all these questions one has to watch a movie..

Asuravadham Review

Asuravadham is a revenge story but anywhere in the film, you won't find cold-blooded action scenes. A Suspense loaded film which makes you feel thrilled in each and every scene until the film ends. In the First half, you will be held in suspense to find out the stranger who talked in the phone call to Samayan. Few scenes later it will be revealed that stranger is Protagonist(Sasikumar) who tries to threaten antagonist in several ways but he is not ready to kill him instantly. He builds fear in Samayan heart and introduces terror to him. Sasikumar Steals the show with his super good performance. His eyes are more expressive than the dialogues he speaks. The Rage in his eyes and his performance attracted the show. When comes to Second Half Sasikumar's Horrific flashback reveals its like casual melodrama which lessens the impact of the film but emotionally it works out well. Vasumitra justified antagonist role in a perfect manner. Nanditha Swetha shines in the limited role.

Director Maruthupandian came back with another compelling flick after Chennai Ungalai Anbudan Varaverkirathu. Director successfully maintained the suspense till the end and created excitement in every portion of the film. To that S. R. Kathir Cinematography added life to the film. Camera work is good, in the first half, some scenes in the darkness are clear and perfectly showcased rural area. Govind Menon Music maintains suspense mood throughout the movie

Positive Points

  • SasiKumar & Vasumitra roles
  • Cinematography
  • Screenplay

Negative Points

  • Second half
  • Music

Asuravadham Verdict

Typcial Revenge Story - Worth Watching Flick

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