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Movie Name: Annadurai

Certificate: [ U/A ], Tamil

Duration: 129 Mins

Cast: Vijay Anthony, Diana Champika, Raadha Ravi

Music: Vijay Anthony

Director: G Srinivasan

Producer: Fatima Vijay Antony, Raadhika Sarathkuma

Release Date: 30-11-2017

Movie Review & Ratings:

Annadurai Review

Movie Plot

A story of two brothers Annadhurai and Thambi Durai ups and downs, sacrifices and revenge to keep their family alive.

Cast & Crew

Vijay Anthony and Diana Champika play lead roles. Other cast includes Mahima, Jewel Mary, Radharavi and Kaali Venkat.

Annadurai is directed by G Srinivasan, under R Studios and Vijay Antony Film Corporation productions. Music is composed by Vijay Anthony, Dillraj handled camer for the film .

Annadurai Review

Annadurai is an Emotional family drama which exposes the core human emotions through the life of two twins with a contrast in self-perception of life played by Vijay Anthony who lived in the role if two brothers and balanced his screen presence in negative and positive shades well. Diana is good and kept up with her role.

Annadurai movie review

G Srinivasan pulled the pulse of the middle-class family audiences and youth with his tight story and screenplay which affected the output. Vijay's music is better at Bgm but songs could be better. The cinematography is good.


  • Vijay Anthony performance
  • Emotional scenes
  • Action scenes

Annadurai movie review


  • Few scenes
  • Slow narration

Annadurai Verdict

Annadurai is an engaging emotional drama thriller.

Ask4Tick Rating - 3/5

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