Ammammagarillu Full Movie Review, Rating, plot | Naga Shourya | Shamili

Movie Name: Ammammagarillu

Certificate: [ U ], Telugu

Duration: Not Updated

Cast: Naga Shaurya, Shamili

Music: Kalyan Koduri

Director: Sundar Surya

Producer: Rajesh

Release Date: 25-5-2018

Movie Review & Ratings:

Ammammagarillu Review

Ammammagarillu Review

Ammammagarillu Rating - 2.5/5

Cast and Crew

Ammammagarillu cast Naga Shourya, Shamili and Sumithra in titular role. Rao Ganesh, Posani Krisha Murali, Suman, Shivaji, Hema, Shekalaka Shanker, Ravi Prakash etc are in other prominent roles.

Ammammagarillu is directed by Sundar Surya under Swajith Movie banner. It is produced by Rajesh and music composed by Kalayana Ramana, Cinemtography handled by Rasool Ellore.


It is a story of a Joint family in a small village called Pitapuram. An elder son Rao Ramesh wants to settle in the city by sharing property but his father disagrees with him and so only he dies. After the death, all the people in the home goes out lives separately. Alone, living Sita Maha Lakshmi(Savitri)wants to bring back their children back to home. How Santhosh(Naga Shourya) fulfilled his grandmothers desire forms the rest of the crux

Ammammagarillu Review

Rao Ramesh plays a prominent role in the movie he is one of the major plus for movie he carries out his role with an ease. He was once again involved in a familiar role and brought the intensity to emotional track. Shakalaka Shankar brings out some comic relief when flick goes into trouble. Hero Naga Shourya presented matured performance in the movie and heroine Shamili is good with her screen premise. Posani has a little role he adds a laugh to the proceedings.

The storyline of director Sundar Surya is old but the emotional scenes should be corrected. He started the film well and embarrassed him into the emotional track and filled the unnecessary scenes between the main characters. His story has no strength, Though the dialogues in the movie are good, they are repeatedly re-employed on Hero Potter. The unnecessary sequences in the second half of the story are often irritating. After ten minutes of the film's launch, the total story of the film is revealed it does not create any thrill while watching the movie until the end. Camera work is good, Kalyana Ramana music is attractive, production values are rich.

Positive Points

  • Rao Ramesh
  • Songs
  • Comedy
  • Naga Shourya
  • Camera work
  • Production values

Negative Points

  • No Strenght in story line
  • Predictable and routine story
  • Second half


Routine and Old Slow paced emotional family drama

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