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Movie Name: Achari America Yatra

Certificate: [ U/A ], Telugu

Duration: Not Updated

Cast: Vishnu Manchu, Pragya Jaiswal

Music: S. Thaman

Director: G. Nageswara Reddy

Producer: Kirti Chowdary, Kittu

Release Date: 27-4-2018

Movie Review & Ratings:

Achari America Yatra Review

Achari America Yatra - 2.5/5

Cast and Crew

Achari America Yatra casts Manchu Vishnu and Pragya Jaiswal in lead roles. Brahmanandam and Kota Srinivasa Rao appears in other important roles.

Achari America Yatra is directed by G. Nageswara Reddy under Padmaja Pictures banner. Produced by Kirthi Chowdary and Kittu, Cinematography handled by R. Siddharth and music composed by S. Thaman.


Krishnamacharya(Vishnu) and his guru(Brahmanandam) and the team are the pandits attends pooja ceremony in (Kota Srinivasa Rao) home. Krishnamacharya falls in love with Renuka(Pragya Jaiswal) who comes from America. During Pooja Ceremony Kota Srinivas Rao dies, Krishnamacharya and his team will be in danger. So, Krishnamacharya plans his guru and Team to escape America. After reaching America what type of hurdles he faced? Did he win the love of Renuka? That forms the rest of the story

Achari America Yatra Review

After reaching America there will be some interest in the story but the routine story feels disgraces. compare to first half Comedy dose has fallen in second half. The hero fights for his girl and saves from danger is the climax. Vishnu is perfectly fit in Achari role. Vishnu and Brahmanadam blossoms comedy on screen. The comedy track between Vishnu and Brahmanadam highlights the movie. After a long time, Brahmanandam entertained in the full-length role it is quite good. Pragya Jaiswal is cute and descent in her role.

Director Nageswara Reddy screenplay many comedy films previously but in this film, his comedy part worked out little and completely failed in Narrative part. He mainly focused on comedy part but missed some logic even comedy blossomed here and there. Thaman. S music is quite good. Camera work is good, Editing would have been better, Production values are good America and its surroundings are showcased well. It is a combination of Brahmanadam and Vishnu movie audience expect ultimate laughs throughout the movie but Achari America Yatra journey fails to bring comedy on screen fully.

Positive Points

  • Brahmanandam and Vishnu chemistry
  • Music
  • Camera work

Negative Points

  • Few comedy scenes
  • Narration, editing
  • Routine story

Achari America Yatra

Achari America Yatra is a boring jouney

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