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Movie Name: 2 Countries

Certificate: [ U ], Telugu

Duration: 156 Mins

Cast: Sunil, Manisha Raj, Sanjjana, Naresh, Prudhvi and Dev Gill

Music: Gopi Sundar

Director: N Shankar

Producer: N Shankar

Release Date: 29-12-2017

Movie Review & Ratings:

2 Countries Review

2 Countries Rating - 2/5

Movie Plot

Ullas is an absurd guy who lives in a village and survives with others money. Laya is a childhood girlfriend who lives in America, but she returns to marry someone in that village which. Ullas changes everything with his skills and marries her. What happens when he finds out that his wife is an alcoholic? how Ullas makes her normal is the plot of the movie.

Cast & Crew

2 Countries stars Sunil and Manisha Raj in the lead roles. Naresh in a crucial role. Other cast includes Srinivas Reddy, PRudhvi, Raja Ravindra.

2 Countries is written and directed by N Shankar under his own Mahalakshmi Arts banner. Gopi Sundar has composed music for the film. Ram Prasad handled Camera.

2 Countries Review

2 Countries is a remake of Malayalam film of same name which was a blockbuster there. Sunil could have avoided this remake for the sake of his reputation. Although Sunil is working hard for a hit film he did the same in this too but this is not a new role for him. Manisha Raj did well in her role. Naresh, Prudhvi and Srinivas Reddy's comedy is good for a few moments.

Director N Shankar who is appreciated for his work in Jai Bholo Telangana might have felt that this will be a perfect subject for Sunil but the writing part of the film is blunder drawback and the screenplay too is routine which makes this comedy tale uninteresting. Ram Prasad's camera work and Gopi Sundar's music are the only good thing in this film.


  • Story.
  • Cinematography and Music


  • Screenplay and direction
  • Unnecesary cast

2 Countries Verdict

Another tedious film in Sunil's career.

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