Keshava Movie Review and Ratings 3/5 | Nikhil, Ritu Varma, Isha Koppikar

Movie Name: Keshava

Certificate: [Not Updated], Telugu

Duration: Not Updated

Cast: Nikhil Siddharth, Ritu Varma, Isha Koppikar

Music: Sunny M.R.

Director: Sudheer Varma

Producer: Abhishek Nama

Release Date: 19-5-2017

Movie Review & Rating:

Keshava Movie Review & Ratings

Keshava Movie Plot

Keshav (Nikhil) is a student studying in Kakinada Law College. He has some different character and he not used to share his personal feelings with his friends. At that time Sathya (Ritu Varma) also joins in the same college to pursue the Law Degree. When Sathya meets Keshav she finds that Keshav is his childhood friend and from there she enquires about Keshav and why he is not sharing his feelings with his friends.

Keshav has been killing the Police Officers one by one and Sathya finds this and enquires about that. But why Keshav killing the Police?


Keshava Movie Cast and Crew

Keshava movie cast includes Nikhil and Ritu Varma as the main lead roles. Isha Koppikar has done another important role in the movie. The remaining cast includes Vennela Kishore, Priyadarshi, Brahmaji, Ajay, Raja Ravindra, Raviprakash, Sudharshan, Madhunandhan and others in remaining roles.


Keshava Movie Crew includes Sudheer Varma as a Director and Writer, Music is composed by Sunny M.R, Editing done by SR Shekar and Produced by Abhishek Nama under Abhishek Pictures production company.

Keshava Movie Review

Keshav starts killing the Police because his parents died because of them and his sister remains to wheel-chair itself because of them. So he wants to take the revenge on them and starts killing one by one of them without leaving any clues.
The whole story of the movie is said in the first half itself but left the questions HOW?. The first half of the movie runs on the serial killing of Police without leaving the clues but the scenes comes under this are not much thrilling and interesting.
But coming to the second half, the Revenge Drama is a super thriller and much engaged. Keshav kills the other police people when there is a spy on him will remains you a much thrill. Climax is terrific. The whole story is about a regular Revenge Drama but the director tried to show it in a thriller suspense.

Keshava Movie Performances

Nikhil is excellent again in his very ease zonar movies. He shown some excellent and terrific performance and it will be his best performance till the date. Ritu Singh did very well upto her limits. Isha Koppikar acts as Sharmila Mishra an IPS Officer and her performance are stunning. Rao Ramesh, Brahmaji and Ajay were done good within her small but interesting characters.


Keshava Movie Technical Aspects

Technically the movie is excellent and Sudheer Varma once again created a thrilling screenplay to a normal story. Cinematography and Music are good; production values make the movie looks even richer.

Keshava Movie Positives

Nikhil Acting

Keshava Movie Negatives

Normal story
First Half

Keshava Movie Verdict

Keshava is a regular Revenge Dram with Thrilling and Engaging Screenplay.

Keshava Movie Ratings

Ask4Tick Rating – 3/5

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Rating: 2.75/5

Rating: 3/5

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teja | 20-05-2017 16:34
Rating: 2.5/5
good movie

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