Venkatapuram Movie Review & Ratings | Rahul, Mahima, Ajay Ghosh

Movie Name: Venkatapuram

Certificate: [U/A], Telugu

Duration: 129 Mins

Cast: Rahul, Ajay, Ajaygosh, Mahima Makhwana

Music: Achu

Director: Venu Madikanti

Producer: Shreyas Sriniwas, Tumu Phanikumar

Release Date: 12-5-2017

Movie Review & Rating:

Venkatapuram Review

Anand (Rahul) is a pizza delivery boy who lives simple and enjoys his life. But after the entrance of Chaitra (Mahima) into Anand’s life, his life turned into new twists and new problems. He also involved in a death mystery.

Who is Chaitra? Why she came into Anand’s life? What is the relation between Chaitra and Anand? How Anand escapes from the death mystery? Is the remaining story of Venkatapuram

Venkatapuram Cast and Crew

Rahul and Mahima acted as the lead roles in Venkatapuram. And the remaining cast includes Ajay Ghosh, Kaashi Vishwanath, Ajay and others.

Venkatapuram Movie is directed by Venu Madikanti under Shreyas Media. Music composed by Rajamani, Cinematography done by Sai Prakash and editing done by Madhu. Venkatapuram movie produced by Phani Kumar and Shreyas Srinivas.

Venkatapuram Review

Venkatapuram is a movie which revolves around a murder mystery. This movie opens its screen with murder and then the flashback will be said in the parts of the movie. The first half of the movie is a little slow and the songs in the movie will destroy the story part. The whole first half involves in introducing the new characters and tying up the scenes one by one.

Coming to the second half, the movie will be fast and the main story part involves here itself. There will be some twists which remains you in shock and also there are some scenes which remains you how this simple logic was missed.

Venkatapuram Movie Review

Venkatapuram Performances

This time Rahul came up with a different makeover which gives the plus to is career! He gave life to Anand character and he is fantastic. Mahima didn’t get much scope to perform. Ajay Ghosh and Vishwanath Kashi done well up to their character limits.

Venkatapuram Technical Aspects

Technically this movie was very good. Cinematography and Music is the main highlights of Venkatapuram technically. Background Music gave life to the movie. Cinemaographer captured beautiful locations and shown up the beauty of Vizag again. The movie screenplay is very good and the director got a good talent.

Venkatapuram Positives

Some Twists
Technical Team
Background Music

Venkatapuram Negatives

Slow narration
Missing the simple logics

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Venkatapuram Verdict

Venkatapuram is a new kind of movie with some “SHOCKING TWISTS” and “MISSING LOGICS”.

Ask4Tick Rating – 2.25/5

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Rating: -/5

Rating: 2.25/5

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