Movie Name: Sakhavu

Certificate: [U/A] ,Malayalam

Duration: 163 Mins

Cast: Nivin Pauly ,Aishwarya Rajesh, Gayathri Suresh, Aparna Gopinath

Music: Prashant Pillai

Director: Sidhartha Siva

Producer: B. Rakesh

Release Date: 15-4-2017

Movie Plot:

Nivin Pauly played 2 different characters in the movie Sakhavu. One is KrishnaKumar (Nivin Pauly) who is a student leader with an egotistical attitude. On another side as Sakhavu Krishnan (Nivin Pauly) who is a strong communist leader.

Krishna Kumar tries everything to showcase his political side and also tries to get the appreciation and compliments to get the positive feel on him. He even uses Love for his Political career. But things come to change, when Krishnakumar get to know the story about Sakhavu Krishnan. It bought a lot of change in Krishnakumar Bharathan and he changes to a good leader.

Sakhavu Cast and Crew

Sakhavu cast includes Nivin Pauly as the male lead role in two different characters Krishnakumar and Sakhavu Krishnan. Aishwarya Rajesh done as the female lead role in two different characters as Janaki and the younger one beside Nivin. Gayathri Suresh as Aishwarya, a nurse working in government hospital. And the remaining characters includes Aparna Gopinath, Sreenivasan, Sudheesh, Aliyaar, VK Prakash and more.

Sakhavu is written and directed by Sidhartha Siva. Music is composed by Prashanth Pillai , Cinematography by the popular Cinematographer George C Williams and produced by B Rakesh.

Sakhavu Review

Sakhavu is not a whole new story as there are many films came previously on the platform of communism or student leaders. But, the intent is very clear and it is an eye-opener with an inspiring tale. Editing has to be done even better as the movie run time is greater than 2h 40m which test your patience.

Nivin Pauly again steals the show with his unpredictable performances in both characters. The first Krishnakumar character is the ease which Nivin done regular in previous movies. But he showcased his actor in Sakhavu Krishnan character with a decent performance and it will be remember for some time. Aishwarya Rajesh also done dual characters and gave her 100% to both the characters.

Sakhavu Positives

Nivin Pauly and Aishwarya Rajesh performances

Songs and BGM

Good Cinematography

Sakhavu Negatives

Predictable Story

A Long Run time.

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Sakhavu is an inspirational movie with a predictable story. Can be handled even better.

Ask4Tick Rating - 3/5

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